Frequently Asked Questions

Are the decals permanent?

Put On Clings are not permanent static cling, making them easy to install, remove and reinstall on any clean window.


I have bubbles in my lettering, what should I do?

Please use our squeegee included in each order to smooth out any bubbles.


Are the decals hard to apply?

Not at all. Put-On Clings were created for easy install and removal. For further information please visit our installation page. 


What may reduce vinyl to last a shorter time?

It is suggested that you clean your window before installing any of our Put On Clings. Dirt, dust, sunlight and improper storage can effect the longevity of the vinyl. 


Can the vinyl be used on painted walls?



What does the back side of a Put-On Cling look like from the inside of my store?

It looks like a solid white piece of vinyl. POC are not transparent - you cannot see thru them.


Can a Put-On be used on tinted glass?

This is not recommended as POC are best suited to be installed on the inside of preferably clear glass. When installing a POC on tinted glass the design will not be clearly visible as viewed from the outside.


The holiday Put-On Cling mentions “die – cut”. What does this mean?

Die- cut means that the extra white vinyl which exists on a square or rectangle printed POC is trimmed off which leaves a 1 -2 inch white edge around the colorful design. 


How difficult is it to remove the decal?

Easy is 1,2,3.


I want to send you a design I created. What file format should I send?

We currently do not accept personal designs for Put-On Clings. For information regarding that please visit our parent company Painted Pieces Art & Graphics. You can either email or call. (631-385-7200)


How much does custom pricing cost?

Custom pricing starts at $75/hr. To qualify, your order must be minimum $50


Can designs be modified to suit different tastes?

Of course, for any design modification, please give us a call and one of our talented graphic designers will help you with what you need.


Do you offer quantity discount pricing?

Yes we do, for orders of 10 or more.


Should you be worried about placing an order online with us?

Not at all. All Put On Clings orders are processed by Shopify & Paypal (if you chose that option), making your orders safe and secure.


Have any more questions? Feel free to e-mail us your suggestions to: